Cavity Zapper Fluoride Rinse

When a natural mom’s dentist recommends a fluoride rinse for her children…

It’s because he believes her child’s teeth need hardening and strengthening against cavities. When that happens, we know you want to choose a fluoride rinse that doesn’t use alcohol, artificial sweeteners, artificial colors or other potential irritants, and one that has a taste your kids will like.

Our Cavity Zapper Mouth Rinse is American Dental Association approved and recommended for kids 6 and older.

Berry Blast flavor.


Cavity Zapper Fluoride

Active Ingredients



Sodium fluoride (0.24%) (0.15% w/v fluoride ion)

Fluorite, a calcium fluoride rich ore


Other Ingredients

Purified water Local source Base
Vegetable glycerin Rapeseed (canola) oil Base
Xylitol Corn Natural sweetener
Aloe vera gel Aloe vera plant Soothing
Sodium phosphate monobasic Mineral pH balance
Citric acid Corn Natural preservative
Natural flavors Essential oils Natural flavor
Saponins Root blend Emulsifier
Grapefruit seed extract Plant Antibacterial*
Vitamin B12 Plant Color
Contains Corn.
*HeggersJP, Cottingham J, Gusman J, et al. The effectiveness of processed grapefruit seed extract as an antibacterial agent J Alternative Complementary Medicine 2002;8:333-430.


Shake well before use.

Adults and children 12 or older: After brushing with toothpaste, vigorously swish with 10mL (1/3 oz) once a day for 60 seconds, then spit out. Do not swallow. Do not eat or drink for 30 minutes after rinsing.

Children 6-12 years old: Supervise use and instruct in good rinsing habits (to minimize swallowing).

Children under 6: Consult a doctor or dentist.