What People are Saying

My kids loved brushing with this toothpaste
– TheMomNextDoor
I do love the flavor of this toothpaste.
– BK Smiles
I am now able to give the fluoride free version to my 1 year old and the versions with fluoride to my 2 year old. I love that I am able to buy both kinds in the same great flavors so my 1 year old doesn’t get jealous of my 2 year old.
– mamathefox.com
I know these are kids toothpastes, but I personally think they taste yummy and I really favor the groovy grape! Truthfully, if you’re not one to like mint toothpastes, I would suggest both of these for you to use! The Plaque Zapper comes in groovy grape and does not contain any fluoride. I like to use this one with my 2 year old son because he still tends to swallow a little bit of toothpaste when brushing his teeth. He loves his new toothpaste and says “mmmm” while brushing his teeth– too funny! He also thinks the grape lounging in the picture on the tube of toothpaste is funny.
– housewifeonamission.com
I love that these do not have artificial colors and they don’t produce tons of foam. I actually did a taste test myself and thought they tasted great, not artificial tasting at all.
– thenaptimereviewer.com
The Natural Dentist gets 2 thumbs up from my kids!
– theresasmixednuts.com
[My son] brushed and brushed, and seemed to really like the flavor! After brushing and rinsing with a little water, [he] told me that he liked the flavor and liked the way it made his “mouth taste.” Usually, he complains about the flavor left behind after brushing. Not this time!
– freelancelady.com
…what I really like is that they do not have artificial sweeteners or colors.
– socalcitykids.com
When I told my boys about the toothpaste, they couldn’t wait to try it and the first time we tried it, they went crazy telling me how good it tasted. Not only does this toothpaste come in good flavors but, it also comes in a clear gel. Previously, the toothpaste that I bought for my boys was blue, so this was a great addition because it means less toothpaste stains.
– hugsntugsmomreviews.com
I was happy to see that The Natural Dentist products features flavors such as Berry Blast and Groovy Grape. And you know what? My kids loved the flavors.
- Momluck.com